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Elite title well deserved?

Teachers everywhere get sick and cancel their classes. Some manage to announce it on the online blackboard on time, some come up with an excuse on the exact day of the class, so that you eventually find out about the cancellation if you have your laptop on you to check why no teacher is coming. Or you should start checking the blackboard in the morning, before breakfast, to see if you can sleep in.

My week was relaxed, due to teacher sickness. October gets nastier and nastier, it really truly does. It's no fun leaving your house, and the half hour subway drive in crowded trains is no fun either.

Isn't it astonishing how little Latin America has in common with Latin and America? Just a thought I had in one of my numerous not sufficiently challlenging classes. The questions are too easy, the students are either sleepy or desperate to participate in class and the subject material could be discussed in any high school senior classes. It doesn't feel like a challenging instituition for higher education for me.                                                                                     People ask too many irrelevant questions, brood too much about objections to the teacher's statements and thus waste everyone's time! They think that questioning every possible rule will contribute positively to their marks, but in fact it slows down the rapid pace of a today's bachelor degree schedule.                                         PEOPLE: STOP CHEWING ON FACTS, JUST SWALLOW THEM!

'Lord, I'm bored' is a thought I've been scribbeling on any possible sheet in the past days, because this is how I feel in my classes. Whenever I notice something, I write it down. Curious? Here are my thoughts of one of my last seminars:

Linguistic studies are dog studies!

Let's question our teacher's statements:                                       Animals can't master a foreign language (Not true. What about dogs following commands?) Animals can't displace their message (Not true. What about dogs marking their territory?) The concept is called signified, the sound is called signifier (Not true. I learned it the other way around. I studied literature, ya know)

Hey, I attacked the teacher! Result: It's pointless!

See how ridiculous my classes are? This is what I mean by saying people spend to much time on trying to come up with an objection to the teacher's statement. The objections are irrelevant and our time is wasted!

By the way, my dear Elite university messed up!  Two weeks ago I entered an overcrowded lecture hall and had to sit on the window-sill. I was lucky, other late commers left the door open because the couldn't even sit on the floor, so they just gathered in front of the only entrance door.                                                                                     The professor clearly expressed his anger about this problem: Too many students have been admitted to this class/these studies and the room they came up with for us is hilariously small! The class was dismissed after fifteen minutes with the homework to check the blackboard announcements for a new room and read the first three chapters of the course book. Last weeks class was cancelled due to teacher sickness (see problem above) and this weeks class simply wasn't attended by me because I'm protesting.                                                                         Why? Well, our professor managed to find a bigger lecture hall for so many people, but unfortunately this room is only available on Friday nights, from 4 to 6 Pm. This is painful. For everyone. No one is motivated. It's a crime. It's an unwritten law to finish off earlier on Fridays.                                                                  So I just didn't attend this weeks class. I'll find out on Monday what I missed and what better solution our professor has come up with. He should have. I heard I wasn't the only one being conspicuous by my absence.


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